You’ve probably never heard of it.

Tragic Hipster – Hazy IPA

Juicy, balanced and not so bitter, our Tragic Hipster Hazy IPA offers a subtly tropical variety for all you trend setters out there eager for pounds of subcultured, dry hopped goodness. Sharper than a high fade, cloudier than a Denver post-rock concert, this NE-IPA is here to stay.

ABV: 6.0% IBU: 30

Drink me 8 days a week.

Octo – Cream Ale

The Octo is our lighter beer option, in case you need a couple in the middle of that 5k your friend signed you up for. With medium sweetness and low, pleasant bitterness, this ice cold cruiser is light, crisp and refreshing – something the entire family can enjoy!

ABV: 5.1% IBU: 15

Going Westward, tallyho!

All & Westerly – West Coast-style IPA

Behold our traditional West Coast-style IPA. Stuffed with Mosaic, Amarillo, Cascade and Columbus hops for that tongue snapping taste but easy drinkability – hop forward yet balanced. Piney, bitter and dank as hell, this brew dog is sharp in the mouth til it’s all gulp and h-ahhhh!

ABV: 7.1% IBU: 75

Your quintessential pub smacker.

Crimson Crow – American Red Ale

The Crimson Crows are stewards of the Hop Goddess, gifted with clairvoyance. They foresee when a beer glass is want and swiftly deliver this copper ale until you, dear drinker, are satiated. Malty, slightly sweet and well rounded, this is your quintessential pub smacker; aromatic amber esters smooth and biscuity.

ABV: 5% IBU: 14

Second bar to the right and straight on ’til morning.

Pneumatic Fanatic – Saison

Empyreal and highly carbonated, our Pneumatic Fanatic Saison will have you swooning into the night. This rustic, farmhouse ale is light in body and dry in finish. Buoyant with a slight fizz – a spirit lifting ale!

ABV: 6.8% IBU: 14

Wake up and smell the… alright you get it.

The Lost Brew – Coffee Cream Ale

Brewed in collaboration with Peak View Brewing (Greenwood Village, CO) and Lost Coffee (Castle Rock, CO). If you’re looking for a pick me up this is your beer. The addition of cold brewed Grist Guatemala coffee is complemented by notes of vanilla and caramel. Served on nitro.

ABV: 5% IBU: 17

No longer just for wives and girlfriends.

Sucker Punch Sour – Sour

How about a swift, salivating smack in your face hole?! Our Sucker Punch Sour has what it takes to treat that tart tooth and hurt them mouth feelings, in the best way possible. Naturally soured, this beer has a grapefruit-like tartness and wheat flavor. Look for fruited versions coming your way.

ABV: 5.5% IBU: 25

Through a pint glass, darkly.

Roguish Stout – Irish Dry Stout

Dark, roasty, smokey, slightly sweet. Despite it’s villainous appearance this beer is very easy drinking, smooth from the nitro. Gives gorgeous head.

ABV: 4.5% IBU: 10

Fancy a little smackerel?

Bixler Honey Elixir – Rye Beer

A sessionable, great Fall beer. Sweet, slightly spicy and malty. Sweetness from the honey malt, spices from the rye. We use Highlands Ranch honey from Bixler, our local beekeeper and friend.

ABV: 5% IBU: 13