We believe the hunt for the next great beer is a never-ending quest. That perfect brew is the Holy Grail you wish to attain, but in reality is that illusive unicorn you may encounter from time to time but never catch. And that’s exactly what we love about beer – the pursuit. We constantly want to be concocting new, unique and tasty recipes – to do our part as a beacon of hoppy hope for traveler’s far and wide to come in and have a good beer. So jump in our proverbial steam-powered vessels and let’s go on this journey together!

The Pursuit of Fantastic Beer

Grist Brewing Company was established in 2013 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado by a group of engineers and chemists. Along the way we’ve picked up musicians, artists, nerds and snow-jockeys to add to our team with the collective mission of bringing new, fresh and exciting beers to the south Denver area.

“Our people visit every craft brewery we can because they inspire us to remain inventive.”

– Chuck Norman, CEO

In 2017 we opened an additional brewpub in Lone Tree, Colorado equipped with a small batch system to better serve (literally) our community with wacky, interesting experimentals. The Spring of 2019 will bring us a satellite taproom in Sterling Ranch, Colorado. We’re all about our community and are thrilled to be able to provide as many folks as possible with great beer and a cool place to drink it!

The Grist crew is here to make sure you have
an immersive beer experience.